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We successfully treat a wide range of problems such as Back and Neck Pain, Sciatica, Whiplash, Arthritis, Disc Problems, Sports Injuries, Frozen Shoulder and Cranial Osteopathy for babies.

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Osteopathy Treatments

Our Osteopaths focus on the body's skeleton and joint function along with the underlying muscles, soft tissue and internal organs.
From supporting mothers and babies; keeping the elderly active and mobile; aiding recovery from muscle and joint injuries, or contributing to the management of chronic long-term conditions, our osteopaths will take the time to help you keep healthy and mobile, using expert hands-on treatment, exercise, and health advice.

Sanderstead Osteopaths Treatments
Baby Cranial Osteopathy Treatments

Cranial Osteopathy is a subtle form of osteopathic treatment. It’s usually used to treat babies and children and involves a gentle manipulation of their head and spine to increase comfort, particularly if they’re having trouble passing wind or are in discomfort when trying to settle.
It is non-invasive and its aim is to re-balance systems of the body to enable them to work effectively.

Sanderstead Osteopaths
Sports Injury Treatment Clinic
Sports Injury

The use of sport's osteopathy is an effective treatment that assists in detecting, treating and preventing a number of health problems. Our treatments include the moving, stretching and massaging of muscles and joints within the body.

Neck, Back & Shoulder Treatment Clinic
Neck Pain

Our osteopathic treatments will reduce your shoulder pain, improve your flexibility and insure a speedy recovery. Our osteopathic treatments may include soft tissue massage, mobilisation and strengthening work to your effected area be that the shoulder, neck or back.

Headaches & Migraines Treatment Clinic
Headaches & Migraines

The majority of headaches are found to be caused by musculoskeletal tension and/or postural issues and can be successfully treated by our osteopath practitioners at our Sanderstead based osteopathy clinic.

Pregnancy & Post Natal Treatment Clinic
Pregnancy & Post Natal

Postpartum osteopathy is osteopathic treatment that focuses on treatments effective the birth of a child. Postpartum osteopathy is an alternative treatment whereby our osteopath practitioners detect, treat and prevents future health issues by means of stretching and massaging the  muscles, joints and connective tissues.

Children & Baby Treatment Clinic
Children & Teenager Treatment

Our osteopaths practitioners are highly qualified & experienced when treating children & babies. We utilise a range of techniques that includes physical manipulation, stretching and massage. We also offer more gentle techniques such as cranial osteopathy renowned for being safe safe and non-manipulative.

Chronic Pain Treatment Clinic
Chronic Pain Treatment

Our osteopathy team utilise manipulative treatment in order to alleviate somatic dysfunction. Our treatments apply manually guided forces to improve overall physiologic function and support homeostasis.

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